IN THE CURRENT DAY AND AGE, anyone that is almost anyone has a power or ability! Those of a higher tier step down on those they believe to be lower than themselves. People who manage to be born without an ability are known as a 'cripple', and are considered less than the worms that crawl on the ground. But even with such super-powered individuals roaming the streets, the darkness still slithers in the dead of night. Shall it be you to not only stomp out the darkness but get rid of the prejudice against those without abilities? Or shall you come to follow the hierarchy, stepping on others or being the one stepped on? We will see...
08.22.17 Welcome to unOrdinary! This is the site's grand opening. Please make sure to read through everything before you get started. If you have any questions that aren't answered by the FAQ or the rules, feel free to ask a staff member. There's also an opening event going on to start building character development, so make sure to check that out! Please be patient, minor changes may be made while we get everything up and running smoothly.
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Welcome to the first year of Cypress Academy being open! Good luck with the start of your school year, new students!
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